Lauren Wright Vartanian

Studied Fine Art at OCAD in Toronto and graduated with her BFA in drawing and painting in 2006. She then took part in OCAD’s off campus program, living, studying art history and producing work in Florence, Italy, for a year. In 2009 she returned to school for Dental Technology making dental prostheses such as crown and bridge and dentures, which are very hands on and sculptural in nature. 

She has always had a strong interest in science; mainly anatomy, astronomy, and neurobiology. Her work reflects this, with her paintings taking on a nebula like quality, or looking like imaginary, biological, internal landscapes. The grid-like patterns are representations of phosphenes pinwheel like lights that the mind can produce in the visual field. Through much of 2015, she took on a hobby level interest in taxidermy, which lead to making tiny animal bust sculptures, informed by her knowledge of small mammal anatomy. 

She currently lives in Guelph with her husband, Raffi Vartanian. Together they enjoy collecting antiques and curiosmainly medical and science based. With the birth of their first child in 2016, Lauren was able to stay at home to make art, and start her new business, Neurons and Nebulas- Science Inspired Arts and Crafts.